Adobe98 vs ProPhoto workspaces

There has been a lot of back and forth about the benefit (or not) of having a ProPhoto working color space in PhotoLab. Many people say that Adobe98 is fine and that the differences between it and ProPhoto are too subtle to be significant, but many others of the more purist persuasion would rather keep the color fidelity of the processed pictures as faithful to reality as reasonably possible with the available technology.

As a member of the second group I think the argument about the [temporary] limitations of most consumer electronics and printers is at best a very weak justification for staying shackled to obsolete technology. I would bet money that the relentless advance of technology will at some time in the relatively near future deliver very affordable consumer-grade equipment that can easily reproduce color gamuts wider than Adobe98. So why not be ready for it? Most pro-grade and most of the best open source programs did it years ago. We are very distressed that our favorite photo processor remains behind.

Sure, it would cost some near-term reprogramming $$ to upgrade PhotoLab but not nearly enough to break DxO’s financial back. The increase in ProPhoto’s appeal to a wider audience would probably way more than pay for the effort.

This is an interesting link to a good video by Andy Astbury where he compares the differences between Adobe98 and ProPhoto color spaces in some actual photos.

Please vote here if you agree that PhotoLab needs a ProPhoto working color space.


see → Larger working space than adobe rgb - for not loosing colors our often very expensive sensors provide us