Adobe quits all subscriptions in Venezuela

… maybe DxO should target that market? :slight_smile:

With subscriptions you are at the mercy of the company - I like to have the software on my computer and own it.

Even worse, you are at the mercy of Trump, if the company is US based.

You think he might not only destroy the economy from Turkey but also from Austria - in his infinite wisdom and wiseness:)

That is the plan. You can only grab a bigger part of the cake, if you destroy the old and create a new one. This can only be achieved by some kind of war, because no one wants to give his part away by free will.

I’m not sure what country you guys are from, but I’m in the US, Central New Jersey right outside of New York City to be specific. I did not vote for the guy and cringe when I read what he says and does every day. Having said that I think we should try to avoid political discussions on this site.

As a perhaps an interesting side note the current temporary occupant of the White House is a month younger than me and was raised in a neighborhood called Jamaica Estates in the New York City borough of Queens. So was I. I lived at the edge of that neighborhood less than a mile from his childhood home (around one kilometer). I had childhood friends that lived within a street or two of his house. His father was a well known real estate developer. Since we were also the same age I can’t help thinking I must have run into him somewhere in my youth, but I have no recollection of it.



No more Adobe subscriptions in Venezuela?

Migrate to the US if you absolutely need Adobe products :wink:

Unfortunately, that’s not so easy anymore.


I know, that was my political statement.
All the Venezuelans can really do is switch to DxO or Capture One or whatever fits the need. Rawtherapee could be an alternative. It is FOSS too.

I was in Costa Rica and Adobe could not authenticate Lightroom CC on another photographer’s laptop and so he was shut out for days. Adobe does not care if you are located in communist China or communist Vietnam but if you are in Venezuela then they do care - go figure.

For my part I chose to end my Cloud subscription with Adobe effective November 4 or the next billing cycle. Not a big deal for the likes of an 8000 lb gorilla like Adobe but I care about where I spend my money and with whom.