Adobe Bridge labels support

Hi, I’m thinking of using Adobe Bridge as my DAM with PhotoLab 3 as my primary raw processor. The keywords generated in Bridge show up fine in PL, which is great. I was hoping to use Bridge labels, though.

My workflow is to preview all my images in a certain folder in Bridge and mark the ones I want to process using Bridge’s “Select” label, for example. Then in PL, I want to be able to filter to just show the images with the “Select” label applied. Basically, I’d like this work akin to PL’s “Pick” option.

Is there any way for PL to read the xmp:Label="Select" value from the .xmp sidecar generated by Bridge? If not, I guess I will just use a “Pick” keyword or something and use that to filter in PL. I just like the color coding of labels in Bridge, as it makes it really easy to identify the images I’ve selected for processing.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hello @breity and welcome to the community!

Yep, PL supports the keywords from Adobe but not the labels. As you have already noticed PL has Pick/Reject options which you can use to sort/filter the images and we are thinking on color tags in future.

I’m sure our professionals will share ideas on their workflow to help you.

Svetlana G.

Thanks so much for your reply, @sgospodarenko! Cool, that’s what I gathered in terms of supporting keywords but not labels.

I like the Pick/Reject feature of PL a lot. I process images on multiple machines, though. So I like having my selections preserved in .xmp sidecars. That way I can just sync my photo folders on any machine and use the metadata in the .xmp files to do my filtering. This also preserves compatibility across programs.

Anyways, I think using something like a “pick” keyword makes most sense for now and I can just filter on that in PL. Color coding keywords would be awesome, though! Perhaps I should start a Feature Requests thread…

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  1. Select one or more files and right-click (win)/ ctrl-click (mac). Click Label from the context menu and choose any of the label options. …
  2. Select one or more files and click Label from the menu bar. Choose any of the label options in the context menu that opens.