Adjustments/corrections saved in exported DNG

if I export DNGs after making lens corrections, will those corrections still be in the DNG?

I’m using sky stacking software for astrophotography. It can read RAW/DNG, but I like the lens corrections I get from PL better. I can apply just lens corrections, save as TIFF, then process in stacker, but exporting TIFFs is a good bit slower than exporting DNGs.
I’m wondering if this might speed things up…

Hello @bobkoure,

Yes, DNG output will contain all lens corrections made by PL.

Svetlana G.

Excellent! This might be useful for NIK HDR Efx2 as well - I’ll try to find time to test & will report back.
BTW, is there any way to set a particular directory for ‘export to application’? I’d love a way to configure this in preferences (or an XML).


In the way you described - no. But the application keeps your current selection and several more (if you select different ones) in "Export to " drop-down:

Svetlana G.