Adjusting the degree of noise reduction

There is a request to add an adjustment for the degree of noise reduction. Many times I encountered the fact of a decrease in detail at low ISO values. At high ISOs, a drop is inevitable and this is normal, but at low values, I would like the user to be able to disable noise reduction altogether or lower it to a result that could be acceptable in each case. The loss of detail is especially noticeable on small details (crowns of trees, especially in winter, shrubs, grass), which looks completely unnatural. Examples of the degradation of small parts have already been attached by me on the forum some time ago.
I ask all users to support this feature!
Here are the following examples:

In the upper example, unfortunately, many small details were lost during the clamping process, but the difference is still visible.

Both files are lossless when compressed by DxO: (4.5 МБ)

Pay attention to the trees, especially their branches, where you can clearly see the difference in the detail of these branches. Despite the noise in the image, there are details in it that look much more natural than after processing in Pure RAW. Thin branches are visible, and in the background, where there is fog, the contours of trees are clearly visible, there is no porridge, which looks very ugly. This is very important in landscape photography.

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