Adjustable sharpness on export

When I resize an image on export, it becomes very soft and requires additional sharpening. There is the option to automatically sharpen the images on the export, but that setting is way too strong for my liking, it produces many artefacts.

I would like to have the option to adjust the sharpness level during export!

Currently I have to run a second software to apply the sharpening after exporting from Photolab.

I export at full size and then use Photosizer to resize any images to what I might need, depending on what it is being used for.

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Then don’t use Bicubic sharper. :slight_smile:

For (FineArt)printing I use Nik Sharpener ever since.

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According to the following feature request, this improvement is already in DxO’s backlog of features to add to PhotoLab.


Sharpening can be done and tweaked different ways.
Hoping it will be an elaborated way to do this.