Additional Preference/Setting: Default Crop Aspect Ratio

As of today, default crop is set to “original ratio”.

Usually, I have to set crop to a different ratio and I therefore propose to

  • add a preference/setting that let’s us define, what our preferred crop ratio should be
    (like e.g. the default preset)

I know that I can use presets for this, but as of now, the crop tool often reverts to the original ratio, even thought I’ve set it to “unconstrained” in all my presets.

I’ve found it confusing as to when it returns to ‘original’ and when it remembers the last I used. I guess there’s something I’m doing to make it ‘forget’ but I don’t know what that is.

I’m not too fussed about this proposal personally (though it’s a good idea as it can default to current behaviour anyway) but I would also like the crop dimension to be allowed to “remember” the last used or always revert to a user-chosen default.

Remembering the last setting would be nice indeed. Being able to save a few custom settings could help too, specially for printing with the specific ratios the papers have.

Reverting to a user-chosen default is what I propose here.

I would like to have ‘unconstrained’ as default / defined as user-preset. That is, when I want to keep the pic’s original ratio / the ratio of the present crop, I then press < Shift + … >.

I would also like ‘unconstrained’ as the default or else for it to revert to the last chosen setting. Having to remember every time to reset it from ‘original’ is a hassle.