Additional Filter in Image Browser

There are several options for filtering images in the Image Browser, but most seem related to images that fail to export in some way. What is missing for me is to be able to set a filter to show only those images that have been processed/exported but then subsequently further modifed and so need re-exporting. Such images are marked with the exclamation mark (!) in the browser, but this does not correspond to the exclamation mark filter already available - this selects images that are not exportable.
Please provide an extra filter to select only images that need a new export and make the labelling of filters and images consistent.

Hi Jeremy,
This will be fixed in a future update.


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Thanks, Steven. Any idea when this will be?

Unless something is very close to the public release, it’s always a double-edged sword to give you an ETA…We schedule something for a specific date and then a high priority bug is found…or the dedicated team has to suddenly switch to another urgent matter…pushing the release to a later date.
All I can say at the moment is that we are on it :sunglasses: