Additional file types

It would be nice if we had the ability to also be able to create a TIF file along with JPG & DNG


I ABSOLUTELY agree with this post, and was just in process of creating this request.
The way DXOPR works now, you either get a jpg or a dng. Well, most users of DXOPR, I suspect, want the dng to be processed further, such as in Photoshop. Herein lies a fatal flaw in DXOPR, I believe. You can’t open a dng file in Photoshop without going through ACR, which applies its OWN changes to the metadata. See my other post under the “corrupt” file not able to process in DXOPR, as DXOPR requires as INPUT a pure, unadulterated (by another “application” as noted in the image file metadata, such as ACR, Lightroom, DNG converter, etc). I can understand that. However, as a user, then I require a “DXO PURE” file as output. And I can’t get one. There’s only two options in ACR to output to Photoshop, and neither one of them provides an unadulterated output file. Check this out yourself. Make two copies of an image file that has not been previously processed in another application such as ACR/LR/whatever. Process it in DXOPR. Then, go somewhere (I don this in Bridge) check the size of the file immediately after being created by DXOPR. THEN, if you want to take it into Photoshop, you must be PROCESSED by ACR. Do that. Then check the file size. It’s been changed. ACR has done something to the metadata even if all the sliders are zero (by default). Other items in ACR are not set to zero (temperature and other characteristics). So–as a user of DXOPR, I need to bypass FURTHER processing in ACR. However, some people may want to further process an image in ACR. Good for them. But I don’t want to. I want a file I can directly process in Photoshop: A TIF FILE. This is a critical issue for DXOPR.


I also need 16bit TIFF for fast opening the file in i.e. Affinity by skipping the develop module. If the look would match the JPEG (with the DxO curve applied), I would be most happy.

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Yes I would like to see an option to save as a TIFF file as well because it may also prevent the horrible magenta colour cast in the highlights of the DNG files, that I have been experiencing. The program as it is for me is unusable at the moment

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