Addition switch for using of a lensprofile

Normaly the first time a new camera/lens combination is detected you are asked if this lensprofile shall be installed and used.
This is a good feature - most times.
In special cases (for me the ef 8-15mm f/4 L Fisheye USM) it’s not always whished, because the fish-eye effect is removed by the profile.
So please: everytime this profile is used I want to be informed and asked.

Hello @wilsberg,

As soon as you download the module it’s applied by default (unless you use No correction by default). If you do not want Fisheye to be corrected, just disable Distortion correction. Or you can remove the module for this exact lens and do not download it again.

Svetlana G.

Thank you for the very fast reply. But sometimes I want the correction, so can I only disable Distortion correction for this special lensprofile by default?

So if you need this lens profile correction from time to time, then it means that you should have it downloaded. And in this case either you create a preset with Distortion disabled by default and set it as a default one (but be aware Distortion will be disabled for all types of modules you have) or disable Distortion palette manually only for the images you want it to be disabled.

Svetlana G.

Thanks, I see, now you have my problem;-)

So I want not the global option for all lensprofiles, only a local one for one lensprofile, maybe integrated in a lensprofile-manager.

Then you should create a request for that as we definitely do not have this functionality :wink:.
And we will also see how many users support it.

Svetlana G.

I have thought about such a thing, but the key issue will always be that you will have to turn it on or off for an image or batch of images, and there is no way on earth to predict what the program should do for any imported image … hence, set up a PROFILE for YOUR LENS, EG: FishON and another FishOFF - you then determine the exact corrections you want and apply them easily with a single click. Win Win for everyone else who also uses the program who has their own ideas as to which lenses should have which corrections applied… Cheers,

You can sort your photos by lens type and apply corrections or personal presets.