Adding suffix in Nik saving

When I export from PL4, the program adds the suffix Dxo (or anything else I want) to the file name. I would like the option of doing the same in Nik, for all sorts of reasons, including being able to identify what I have processed in Nik and saved. It could be _CE3, or _SilEf2 or whatever would identify that a file has been processed, and which program it has been through. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


Great suggestion! I second it.

verry funny because I noticed the same yesterday after installing the NIK 4.2 demo and made some tests.
The only question you got by the system is after exporting/developing the picture with the first module (e.g. Viveza) and make a second try with the same picture with another module (e.g. Color efex).
Then there is a message " Name exist, overwrite or unique name" .
But in the compare dialog you will see the name with a suffix of the module
So it would be great if the name of the result will aslo be shown in the filename. The suffix could be in a short form of the module like AEP2, CEP4, DF2, HDREP2, PE, SPO3,SPR3, SEP3, V3 following the names and the version

I remember that we have discussed this beginning of the year, and maybe there is a FR in the forum but don’t know where.

There was also a request to make the DXO output filename possibilty more userfriendly for exports of big queues. At the moment you can only add a suffix, but why not work with wildcards like in other SW

That’s only ideas

best regards


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Some of Nik Collection modules, like HDR, have the option to “Save As” which I think is the best to make some versions while processing a photo. You can continuing editing and save as many versions you want.

Silver Efex 3 and Viveza 3 have the option to Save As on File Menu only when running in stand alone mode BUT you have to make sure to Check the “Non-destructive edits” to continue to edit, if it is unchecked it will reflect all edits but will reset all parameters including control-points. The options “Save” and “Save As” disappear when running as a Plugin. It should always be there.

Great suggestion!

I also think it is a great suggestion. I love the “Save As” option in any photo (or other) program.

Just to be clear, when I launch NIK from DXO PL4 the tif file created (and saved) does have :…Nik" at the end of the file name. That way I can see files created in Nik vs those created by Dxo.

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