Adding and editing searchable keywords

Hello everyone
I would appreciate a new release with the possibility to add, edit and search keywords. The search should reach all folders, not only the one actually in use. Even if it might seem as a small detail, in my opinion it would be a huge improvement to an excellent software.
My folder structure is based on dates, and searching for photos by keywords is as far as I know only possbile by taking a look at every single photo - or use adittional software, like Photo Mechanic og digiKam
Hopefully, many of you will agree :slight_smile:

Given how slow PL2 is simply loading a folder of images, why would you want to bother? How long would it would take to search 1Tb of folders that I currently have? and then load the results from disparate folders?

Photomechanic, digiKam, FRV etc are far better solutions for this type of work.

This goes along with the other argument of PL2 having or being a DAM. It isn’t and shouldn’t be.

Let them spend dev time of RAW edit features and better integration of NIK and not try and redo something that can easily be done by software designed for the purpose and that already exists.

So why not use Photomechanic, digiKam or FRV etc to do what you want?


Adding to tilltheendofeternity’s list, you might want to take a look at iMatch by


Of course I can use one of those, but what I do not understand is why it is a complete different issue to search for a keyword than it is to search for a given ISO-value or f-value used. This was added a couple of updates ago - it works fine, it works fast.

I like the idea of adding searchable keywords.


Why DAM was regarded as drag by many of us, we don’t get pl updats let alone dam ones!

If you have a modest 20,000 images and each is tagged with an average of 5 keywords, that’s 100,000 keywords to search. That figure will could easily escalate into millions for those of us with larger collections and / or those who tag more thoroughly.

Then someone will want to search by focal length, or shutter speed, or camera, or lens, or date, or star rating… Then there will be a demand for searching using a combination of those.

PL should not go down that road any further than it already has. It’s the role of a DAM to do that, not RAW processing software.


Like Barry I suggest to use a mature DAM like IMatch or something simpler and let DxO Photolab focus on it’s main job: A raw developer.

+1 - use a mature DAM software and focus on raw developing

In your original posting, you wrote about “add, edit” keywords. Adding and editing is rather different from searching.


So let’s say I use an external DAM software for keywords and other IPTC data. I guess I use the DAM for image searches and selections for actual photo processing in PL2. But, if I do that, how does the IPTC data get into the resulting JPG? If I need to deliver a TIF or JPG file to a client, I need to make sure that at least the basic IPTC data - copyright, use rights, description and/or headline, location and hopefully keywords - will be inserted into the JPG.

This is the question I need to resolve to step away from Lightroom.

Obetz wrote: “In your original posting, you wrote about “add, edit” keywords. Adding and editing is rather different from searching.” No, It is not very different. Without adding the keywords there’s nothing to search for. I understand many PL-users have rather strong opinions against the possibility to get an option to add keywords. I still wish it could be added and I stand by my request: An updated Photolab with which we could add keywords and also use them to search for photos would be a much better and more useful software from my point of view. I am not a software engineer, but still I cannot imagine kewyords would slow it down. Handling text is not a big issue for any computer today.

Hi @Evildad,

persona I use Photo Supreme or Nikon View NX to add keywords to my raw files (internal or in xmp), and they are geotagged.

And jpeg produced by PhotoLab have all these informations inside.

The best way for you to check that it’s ok for you, is to download the trial version, and you will see that it works well.


Hello guys,

I know that keywords support/editing was promised to you when we introduced the search functionality and we are going to keep that promise. So you can save your votes for something more important and wait for some time to get this one.

Svetlana G.


As mentioned by Pathal, that’s a standard function of any good DAM, though the way they do it and the flexibility offered will vary.

I’m another Photo Supreme user so I’d also suggest taking a look at that; the only other ‘serious’ DAMs (IMHO) are iMatch and Daminion Standalone, plus digiKam for Linux users. For other suggestions (& my other comments on the topic) see Recommended alternatives to lightroom for cataloging & integration with DXO


Thanks for the link. I was trying out digiKam on Windows last night, I’ll definitely check out the other suggestions. I’ve been fighting this DAM fight for a long time, going from Canto Cumulus to Extensis Portfolio and finally Lightroom, starting with version 3.

Thank you Svetlana, you brought good news. Looking forward to this update, hopefully not too far into the future.


What do you mean by “IPTC data”: IPTC-IIM or IPTC Core Schema for XMP?


Can the same key word or words be added to a batch of images?


Hello @DavidG,

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Yes, it’s possible - just select a batch of images in the Filmstrip and type the keyword in the text field -> it will be added to all selected images.

Svetlana G.