Adding a 1:1 frame at export possible?


When I publish a carousel on Instagram that have both landscape and portrait photos, I first use Darkroom on my iPhone to add a white frame to them so they all are 1:1 and not cropped by Instagram.

Is it possible to do this in PL at export, saving me that extra step in Darkroom?


No, this isn’t something you can do in PhotoLab.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding exactly what he wants to accomplish, but frames are available for use from within PhotoLab if FilmPack Elite is installed.


FilmPack frames are drawn evenly around your image. The OP wants to expand and fill in the long sides of photos so that the photos are all 1:1 without cropping. (That is, the short edges become as long as the long edges.)


I’m having a problem picturing exactly what the end results would look like, but that is irrelevant since you understand his requirements and know they can’t be achieved with PhotoLab.


Think of a matte instead of a frame.

Thanks, all. As an illustration of what end-result I want, here are two examples.

I generally crop or resize to the image size the provider (Instagram for instance) suggest to avoid any further processing by them, so 1.91:1 or 4:5 (1080px wide). The ensures the quality is the best it can be though doesn’t help with aspect ratio of course. I don’t think PL is the right app to do what you’re trying to do (it’s “only” a RAW editor after all) so however you wrap it up my experience suggests they’ll need to go through something else to get what you want

As @Egregius already mentioned, no.

Placing an image on a square white backrground and exporting the result is not a function of PhotoLab but rather an image editor with pixel layer functionality.

I wonder why this functionality has never been added to Filmpack. I think all other programs that offer to add borders offer much more flexibility, including to change the aspect ratio of the frame. It would be nice if that could be added. For me, that lacking functionality was one of the reasons to decide against purchasing Filmpack.

It would probably be easier to add the option of aspect ratio to the frame function under fx in PL. Or perhaps integrate it into the crop tool (allow dragging outside the image to expand it to solid colour of choice).


I use the app Squaready for Insta pictures

You can do this in Affinity Photo. Be forewarned it is clunky and cannot be used in batch processing.