Added Suffix to file name in Export to Application

When Exporting to Disk, there is a choice of adding a variable Suffix to the file name.

When Exporting to Application, DxO creates a file with a predefined Suffix (open with…). Is there any possibility to change or omit this Suffix?

Maybe I don’t speak english good enough, but I don’t understand your question. You’re using the option to add a suffix. This suffix expands the filename, but not the filename extension behind the “.” i.e. “jpg”
The “open with” context depends from the filetype, jpg, tiff, etc.
These options are configured by your OS.
Is this your problem; you would like to change the filetype name by suffix?

Not that I can find. The only way seems to be to export to the filesystem and open the target app yourself.

@sgoldkuhle, I believe @LarsN is referring to the way PL can add extra characters to the filename, not the extension that defines the type of file. English is a hard language to translate!

@LarsN, you can choose from

With this shortcut you don’t have to export to disk, look for the [ exported ] file in the filemanager and open it from there in the [ desired ] application. – To add a [ variable ] suffix like [ _ARGB ] or _sRGB, you have to export first …

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Not so, Wolfgang. LarsN is pointing out that when PhotoLab exports to an application, it first creates a file with the suffix _DxO preceding the extension, and then calls the destination application with an instruction to load this file. This is because the source file must be processed by DxO first, unless one is willing to “export selected file(s) without processing” which means no adjustments are applied by PhotoLab. Remember, PhotoLab is non-destructive to the source file. So there is no way around this except to export to disk using the filename one wants to use, then export that new file to the desired application without corrections. A multi-step process.

Greg, you are simply correct.

Thank you Wolfgang. As I do not have Lightroom installed, this option is not available.

Thank you Greg. But I process a raw file in DxO and then want DxO to send a jpg file to my other application, why is there a need for DxO to rename that file?

It’s a design choice by DxO. I agree that PhotoLab should allow us to specify how images exported to applications are named and where the files are to be stored. It appears that the feature you want has already been requested and can be voted for. Have a look at these search results for some possible matches:

Search results for ‘export to application name #dxo-photolab:feature-requests’ - DxO Forums


click on “Browse” (shown here in Windows)

to open the file manager, activate / double click / start the application you want to register and it will be listed under “Export to” …

Thank you Greg for the feedback. Have voted but many more need to do that.