Added files not in Source Browser

I added some jpegs to an existing folder and they are not displaying. The folder was created in photolab 4 now using photolab 5. The existing raw files display ok. I did reindex the folder.

Did you try going to a different folder and then return to the folder where you added the new files? You can also go to the View menu and select Live Review. With Live review selected new images in a folder should be viewable immediately.


Thanks Mark I tried your suggestions and restarting photolab and initially no luck. After creating a new directory with the files the photos were there. I then went back to the orginal directory and the photos were there. Still no idea what fixed the problem but again thanks for your ideas.

That is very odd.


Do you have any filters enabled? This happens to me sometimes, as I usually filter for only RAW and often for only 4 and 5 star images, or flagged images.


Hello @Riverman ,

@uncoy Alec’s guess is most probably the reason why you see only RAWs and not JPGs. Could you, please, double check your Filters?

Svetlana G.

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