Add watermark via Dxo FilmPack Frames

Hi, since this is my first topic I must say, great products by the way. I stopped using Lightroom except for one little feature. Watermark. I have seen a few requests for a watermark capability. You know, something similar to what you have on your Start or About window for DxO Photolab 3 now (that beautiful bird photo © Mark Bridger). Obviously, you understand the reason why such a request keeps popping up but, by you using it, it is misleading as people actually expect to find it available in your software. I have also seen one of your team saying that it is on the do do list for at least for a while now but must have a very low priority.
So, I thought I might give you an idea. You already have a Frames capability in DxO Film Pack. You can use it with a very small change to bring in a Watermark capability. All you need to do is to include a new frame that allows for text input and positioning and save it as one of your .png files with the other frames. Easy, isn’t it? Just ask who ever did the frames for you.


Interesting idea.

Does someone know where the frames are located on the drive please ?
I wanna try by replacing a file with mine :grinning:

Mark - You’ll find them (in a Windows environment) at;
C:\Program Files\DxO Labs\DxO Filmpack x\Resources\Framing … they are png files.

Let us know if you have any success in replacing any of them with something else.

Regards, John M

Thank you.
Well I am a Mac user. At least I know it is png files.

Hi @m-photo,

On the “DxO Filmpack 5.dmg” package, right-clic to “Display the content of the package” then: Contents>Resources>Resources>Framing.

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Hi @Pathal ,
Yes I used The archive browser App to check the package and found the png file.
But after the setup on the Mac I could not find the location of the files, no idea where they are installed, they might still be packed.
According to what I saw there is only one png for a type of frame so I guess this png is copied two or four times to build the frame. A watermark would then be all around the picture like a frame. It is usually not what we do :grimacing:

I have tried to replace a frame with my watermark and it is working. You have to replace a file as it does not recognise a new frame name. It is also a bit confusing until you sort out which file to replace because there can be 4 .png files for one frame and if I remember it corectly some of them are read upside down. You need to use a frame that has 4 files, one for each side because the single file frame is used on all 4 sides and therefore the watermark will show up on all 4 sides. Eventually I gave up because I have to remember to replace the file after every software update and it doesn’t give you flexibility. I mean you build one file with text of a certain font, colour and position and have to stick to it or have multiple files and keep changing. That is why I proposed to have a purpose build new frame that will allow to setup these parameters and then save it

So DxO, just to complete this suggestion, you could also add a “Customised Frame” by allowing users to paste an image of whatever frame look they want and save it. There, two new frames, Watermark & Customised. That will solve two requests you already have in a way that integrates with your existing design and require very little work.


Doing watermarks well is not that easy. They are best added by an external program such as Photoshop of Affinity Photo.

The ideal watermark is a vector image, although I admit a high-resolution raster image works. Let’s assume we use an external program to create the watermark, relieving PL of the responsibility. PL then needs to both scale and position the image. That’s the minimum.

But I don’t just position the image by hand. A centered watermark should not be approximately in the center–it should be exactly in the center.

I usually try to pick a location where the watermark won’t draw a lot of attention to itself and yet is still readable. Sometimes I have to reduce its opacity to make it less distracting. Sometimes I have to change its color. Sometimes I need to add drop shadows or edge glows to make the watermark legible.

For me, a better-than-nothing approach would be equivalent-to-nothing. If DxO decides to add support for watermarks, they should do it right or focus on other features that they can do well. Affinity Photo is $49 and can do watermarks correctly, in addition to handling a lot of other stuff that PL doesn’t support: HDR, panoramas, focus stacking–basically anything that operates on more than one image–so it’s a useful tool to have around.


To me, easy watermarking is a deal breaker! I cannot see how to do this in the trial version.
And, I prefer to be able to do this via the Export dialoge

@karlreed , PhotoLab 4 introduced watermarking. The instructions are here:

Adding watermarks (

If you don’t see the Watermark palette in your workspace (note, the trial version has all of the ELITE features), then look in the menus to make sure it’s enabled and visible. Also, be sure that the filters at the top of the right column aren’t hiding any of the palettes that you need.

With the palette, the watermark can be turned on or off in the preview. You can choose to enable or disable watermarking in the export dialogue.

I hope this helps.