Add virtual albums/Collection in the Library

Virtual albums/Collections would be very useful to group or sort images.

For the functionality to be complete, it is necessary to be able to manually add images to an album or create dynamic albums (on criteria such as the shooting date or certain parameters).

I don’t quite understand your request.

DPL’s name for album is “project” and you can add images to projects, be it in bunches or one by one.

Is your proposal about albums/projects that link images automatically based on filters that one can configure fairly freely e.g. filter for “France” AND “cheese” or “France” OR “cheese”?

It’s true that there are Projects.

In this case, they need some improvments :
- the possibility to group projects (for example “California trip 2018” which contains the projects “Yosemite”, Monterey ", etc.),
- the possiblity to add images automatically (for example : all images between two dates with a score of 4 or 5)
- Images with a perticular keyword,
- …

At this point, it’s much better to do this sort of thing with a separate digital asset manager (DAM), which can maintain selections based on user criteria, and send them to PL as a project. (I use IMatch for my DAM.) It’s likely to be some time before PL develops the tools necessary to meet your request.

At this time, I use Lightroom to do this but we waste time having to switch from one software to another. It would be handy if we could do everything from PhotoLab.

It’s true that DXO will need time to develop these tools, but that would be great!