Add the denoising advanced options available in Photolab to PureRAW


I was sure that this request had already been posted but this doesn’t seem to be the case…

When used in Photolab, the 4 available denoising technologies have associated advanced settings. These settings are important especially for DeepPrime and DeepPrime XD which tend to generate artifacts in some cases. In Photolab, these artefacts can sometimes be eliminated, at least partially. PureRAW users can’t benefit from these advanced settings.

I don’t see any good (technical) reason for preventing the PureRAW users from accessing these advanced settings. Or maybe I missed something ?

Ooooops ! It seems to be impossible to vote for a feature request in the PureRAW section. Is it just me ?

The will be no technical reason but there is a commercial reason. Why would DxO do something that would discourage users from upgrading from PureRAW to PhotoLab?

Goodwill? Maintaining good user relations so they don’t start looking for alternatives?

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An alternative to current DPR would be a PhotoLab “light” with everything removed but the tools present in DPR. Operating this DPR should be the same as in DPL. DxO could then even remove the features from PhotoLab and make them a paid accessory to the mutilated PhotoLab, as e.g. with the contrast sliders and lumo mask in FilmPack.

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Unless DxO see that happening, i.e. they see a measurable reduction in their income stream, I would not expect them to change their current approach. “Cash is King”.