Add support for manufacturer profile

… with regad to the request of Justin Hurley

"On Sony alpha cameras, native lenses and some modern third party lenses like the Sigma Art series 35mm f1.2 lens, the lens has a way of transmitting to the camera and onto the raw file the lens’ optical correction information.

This can be seen when editing a raw file on Sony’s Image Edge software on a PC. In Image Edge “Edit”, you can open a raw file, and turn on or turn off the lens correction being applied to the image. On Sony alpha cameras, the raw file is the uncorrected image captured by the sensor. The in camera ‘lens distortion correction’ feature only applies the correction to jpegs.

Therefore, when editing a Sony Alpha raw image, taken with a modern lens that provides correction information, it is possible to use the lens’ native correction details in post editing. I would like DxO to give me the option to apply the lens’ native correction details in DxO as an alternative to applying the DxO profiles. This would be on a picture by picture basis.

This is useful where:
A: there is no DxO profile available for the lens. At least users can use the lens manufacturer correction profiles in DxO without having to use the Sony Imaging Edge software first to correct the image, and then work off an exported TIFF file in DxO with the lens correction processed into the TIFF file.
B: where the DxO lens profile does not produce the desired result. This could be anything from wanting to compare ‘default correction’ to DxO correction, through to times when the default correction is better.

Note: the current Sigma Art 35mm f1.2 lens profile does not correct the fairly significant distortion in this lens. However, the default lens profile that works in camera and in post with Sony’s Image Edge software does correct the distortion about 98% correct.

As a bonus: create a way to lets users manually create their own manual lens profiles. Vous voulez en savoir plus sur DxO PhotoLab 7 ? 38 That is, using the manual lens correction settings, export a lens profile.
Then, as well as allowing users to select between the DxO profile for a lens, and the default manufacturer’s profile for the lens, allow selection from the user’s lens profiles they created manually.
But first, add the option to let us users select the manufacturer’s lens profile rather than the DxO profile. Especially where there is no DxO profile, but even when there is a DxO profile for a lens, let us have the choice which profile we use."

I think this is a very reasonable feature request,
and i place it here to restart the topic.