Add option to save to original folder

It would be nice be able to save the results in the original folder (and only optionally into a subfolder).
The current implemtation would create a lot of subfolders, that I don’t need.

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That’s as easy as setting your Export to Disk options as follows;
image - - Is this what you want ?

John M

Exactly, that would be what I am looking for. Is the screenshot from PureRAW? If so, where can I find that setting, because I only see those two options (save to dxo-Subfolder or save to custom folder):

Ahhhh - my apologies, Jens … I mistakenly assumed you were referring to PhotoLab - I missed the PureRaw heading.

John M

I would want this feature too!

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yep definitely need this feature - in LR i process an image to see if I’m happy with it, then process through DXO and synchronise the original raw with the dxo. This would be a lot easier if they were both in the same folder!

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You can use the “Custom Folder” option and simply point it to the original folder.

Yes, this would work, but it requires an extra step. Since Pure Raw remembers previous settings, if there was an “original folder” option, you wouldn’t have to go in and change the output folder every time you were working in a different original folder.

I’d really like to be able to save into a folder one above the existing folder. I.e. starting from a structure like

YYMMDD name of shoot/Originals/RAW-images.nef

place the DxO Exports in a parallel folder to the original RAW files:

YYMMDD name of shot/DxO Exports/finished-images.tif

as opposed to the current:

YYMMDD name of shot/Originals/DxO Exports/finished-images.tif