Add option for exporting compressed TIFF files in DPL


Currently, there’s no possibility to export a compressed TIFF file (ZIP or LZW) from DOP/DPL. We just have 8-bit, 8-bit compressed and 16-bit (not compressed).

This capability exists in Capture One, Lightroom and PS as well as in Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro 2 and Silver Efex.

Actually, only the ZIP option is really needed because the LZW compression tends to generate “compressed” files that are bigger than the original uncompressed TIFF.

Ok maybe a dumb question but why do you need a internal zip function in DPL?
I assume you want file for file be comprest. like
Because if so then you need also a auto unzip function on the application you want to feed it to.
Because i think you need it for transport over internet , low upload speed, so the less bytes the faster it goes. Or compressed transport on a USBkey. for general storage i think terrabite/dollar is that low that that isn’t a factor or it’s cloud storage.

Is just the free 7ZIP not enough?


You are confusing 2 things. I don’t want to create a ZIP file. I want to generate TIFF files internally compressed with the ZIP algorithm. It seems that you are not aware of these variants of the TIFF format. Internally, TIFF files can be compressed using the ZIP or the LZW algorithm. This is a choice that you have when exporting from PS, LR, and other programs. DPL is missing that feature.

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No never came across that variant. And thus never used it.
Ok so it stays a filename.tiff but compressed.
That would be a good thing because regular tiff are rather large compared to rawfiles.

The export section is somewhat default in dxo, not many choises or settings. For me personaly not a big problem. I just delete the tiffs after use. and outputsharpening can be done by NIK. if i need it.
I can suspect that for more professional use it is too little.

PSD are normally compressed TIFF. Compression is more common than uncompressed. I like that there’s not too much clutter to choose from when exporting but some kind of either global preference or discreet preference on export like the jpeg slider would be helpful.