Add Nik Collection Menu Item

When I use DPL with minimised film strip, the EXPORT and NIK COLLECTION buttons are not shown. While export can be accessed through the menu, Nik Collection is completely absent as far as I can see. I therefore propose the following:

not sure but I think we have had it during EA 5.
So you got my vote and

  • show the export button when filmstrip is minimised

Edit…here’s the similar one No Inmage Browser? No "Export to disk" and "Nik Collection"

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Dear @sgospodarenko / Svetlana

could you somehow summarize this FR, the one I linked, and then this one
I linked in the link :crazy_face:,
and 100 votes for it for all the delay time :smiley:

Enjoy your week or vacation or whatever you just doing :heart_eyes:

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When in “Customize”, I’d like to hide bottom image browser, but i’d like to have “Export to disk” and “Nik Collection” buttons. It will be possible to hide image browser without hide “Export to disk” and “Nik Collection” buttons?

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Hello @bruceas and welcome to the forum!

  • Nope, it’s not possible but you can always reach that functionality from the right click context menu or main menu FILE:

Svetlana G.

Ok, thanks, but it is not the same. “Export to disk” is the most used button. Two possible solution:

  1. One more step for hide image browser. One With only “Export to disk” and “Nik Collection” button visible and total hide, like now.
  2. Put “Export to disk” top right near “Reset”.

Thanks, bye.

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While waiting for this possible change, if you have a gaming mouse, you can configure one button with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P.

What I don’t like
In photo library mode I can minimize the thumbnails and the buttons for “Nik Collection” and “export to disk” are still useable. Normally I don’t need them in library mode, but it’s ok

In Customize mode you are able to make same as a small size with buttons are useable, but if you will make it a little bitt smaller the thumbnails dissapear and also the 2 buttons. In this mode for my workflow and useable screensize for important things it is not so good
image image

And activating the DXO Denoising Technologies and activate the Magnifier Tool, but then deactivate the DXO Denoising Technologies the rectangle of the MT still is there and you must deactivate it too

What I still miss is the solo mode for the palettes like it is in LR (configurable if you want or not)


Please, can you put “Export to disk” top right near “Reset”? :pray:
Now it is in a real stupid position!!!

You mean like this?


docking/undocking the image browser and move it is ok, but if I understand Bruce he wants to have Image browser still at the bottom of the screen, but want’s to have Nik Collection and/or Export to disk left/right to Reset/Preset.

I have made a similar post


I dont use image browser.
I’d like this:

Hi Bruce, that’s what I talk about :smiley:

The image browser can be still at bottom or be disabled…thanks for the DIY-UI :innocent:

At the moment if the Image browser is set to disappeared the NIK and Export buttons are also away…that’s what I tried to describe in the linked post

Good morning!

Let me convert this post in a feature request and we will see if the requested change is supported by other users.

Btw, you can vote for it as well.

Svetlana G.