Add metadata to the exported filename (e.g. the date the photo was taken)

Hi all,
this is a feature request, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to share it…

So what I would like to have is the ability to add to the filename of the exported images some metadata, in particular I would like to add the date the picture was taken on, so to have the final image file named something like:


or something similar. Other softwares lets you add tokens (i.e. {EXIF_DATE} ) to the filename, so something along that line woud be great. Maybe adding a Prefix field accepting the tokens (and letting the suffix field accept them too?)


Hi Danilo,

good suggestion but you have to post it here Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums and don’t forget to Vote by yourself :grinning:

Thanks Guenterm,
I see someone did that for me, thanks admins!

Hopefully is an interesting feature for other users as well!

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