Add IRIX 11mm f/4.0 support on Photolab for Nikon

When will the IRIX 11mm f / 4.0 for Nikon be supported? The IRIX 11mm is already supported by many Canon bodies.

Hello @jpwieseth,

I’ve planned to support Irix 11mm for Nikon, we should get a sample to do our tests soon.



Hello @Marie,

it’s been over a year now and unfortunately there is still no optical module for the Irix 11mm f4.0 for Nikon F-mount.

Do you have any news?

Hello @jpwieseth,

I’m very sorry for the delay.

We are working to improve support of multiple mount lenses. If you could upload some files shot with the IRix 11mm on your Nikon cameras we could test the result and if it’s fine we can deliver modules soon.
We need images at low ISO with vignetting, distorsion and lens sharpness to correct (we don’t need all in the same image).

To upload files see:


Marie many thanks for the quick feedback.

I have uploaded test images to your server.
My test chart is not perfect, I hope that you can use the pictures for the analysis.
Stay healthy.


Thanks a lot for the files.
Chart is not perfect but it should be fine. I’ll keep you updated.


Be careful if you have a Nikon Z6 or Z7 camera. In the new firmware version 3.10, Nikon removed the “Lens ID” metadata parameter and several others (13). This makes DxO PhotoLab 3 dumb with Irix lens. All “General purpose presets” with auto correction distortion shows error “redering error”. Only manual correction working properly and auto correction, but at prictures which were made on ver 3.00 Nikon firmware (before 3.10).