Add Image Quirk (Possible Bug and Regression)

My test folder contains 60 image files.


  • When I click on the " + add images…" button, select the test folder and press command + A to select all 60 images, only 55 get selected.


  • I have to press command + A again in order to get all 60 images.


  • The issue has been present in earlier versions of DPR, has been fixed but seems to have found its way back into DPR


  • I’ve tested the removal of the test images with Finder while PhotoLab versions 1-6 were running. While DPL versions 2-6 removed the images from view and database within a second approximately, DPL1 removed only 55 images from the database - even though it removed all images from the film strip.
  • Is there any old code that has found its way from DPL1 into PureRAW?