Add DeepPrime And DeepPrimeXD into DFine

Add DeepPrime and DeepPrimeXD into Dfine.

DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD can only be applied to an image during raw file demosaicing. As far as I recall, Dfine does not work on raw files.


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Yes, the (standalone) Nik collection works with TIFF and JPEG only.

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Nik Cikkection Works in the PhotoShop Host Raw Photo Can be OpppenCamera Raw opened ed from
Camera Raw .DeepPrine XD and Deep Prime can be used as Part of a plugin ClearView is part of ColorFX :slight_smile:

sure Dfine should have deep prime and deep prime xd, but none of the nik collection open NEF file but .tiff and .jpeg (can’t say about other brand than Nikon).

DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are not separate features that run when when raw files are exported, They are in fact integral parts of DxO’s raw demosaicing process.

To be able to use these noise reduction algorithms with Camera Raw would require that DxO first license Adobe to use them and then Adobe would have to modify their own demosaicing process to include the DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD algorithms. Even then, these algorithms were designed to be used with DxO’s software and it is unlikely they would give the same results for Adobe without a lot of tweaking on Adobe’s part.

That scenario is highly unlikely to ever take place unless Adobe ends up buying DxO. In any case that wouldn’t resolve your request that Dfine gets support of those noise reduction options.


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What I was saying about camera Raw was open the In Camera Raw and have it in Photoshop open than Under Plugins DXO Pure RAW To remove noise.
As a plugin Adobe would need a license.Raw Files would be opened in PhotoShop as usual :slight_smile:

seem you went from the East to the South.
are you talking about Dfine from Nik collection or PureRaw? those are 2 different software!!!

Dfine In Nik Collection is for Noise. PureRaw is Same Purpose. Adding Nik Collection in PhotoShop Can operate on Raw Files first open in Camera Raw than Click Open Than use Nik Collection than use Dfine. Now Pure Raw only works in Light Room.
ClearView Tech is In ColorFX,DeepPrime and DeepPrime DX could be added to Dfine.
The Usage about Nikcollection TIFF and JPEG relate to Files not to being used inside a photo editor. Making Pure Raw Plugin and or adding DeepPrime(XD) to Dfine will require a license From DXO for PhotoShop to Use.

I think you may still not understand how DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are applied in PureRAW and PhotoLab. Can you describe how you believe demosaicing could take place in Dfine which does not support raw files? I will explain again that DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are integrated features of DxO’s raw file demosaicing process. These features only work when exporting raw files. They can’t be applied to non-raw files from within Dfine. Whether or not you are using Adobe Camera Raw is completely irrelevant. DeepPRIME and XD can’t be applied in the workflow you suggest .


So DeepPrime can only work on camera files directly from the camera?
How can Adobe make camera Filter raw in Photoshop?
What you are missing Is that ClearView is in Both PhotoLab and Nik Collection.And you are are saying because PhotoShop is a Photo editor like PhotoLab will not the algorithms can not be put in into Nik collection ? Pure Raw is a a plug-in for LightRoom.Adobe has raw files that PureRaw will not do.Photoshop can open raw camera files and you can change the color profile used in PhotoShop.

ACR is created that way - it has features that can be used in when invoked as a classic filter from within PS and features that can be used only when ACR is feeded by what is considered a “raw” file ( Ai NR for example ) as a first stage of processing before passing its output to PS …

as I noted in another thread, technically PureRaw can be designed by DxO to be invoked as a classic filter from within PS ( and perform its NR+demosaick in there - because again PS can open for example a TIFF file that contains undemosaicked data w/o any WB/color transform applied ) - that is simply too complicated way of working though :slight_smile:

or PureRaw can be designed to act like ACR does and be invoked by PS instead of ( OR before ) ACR as a first stage of processing for a “raw” file - something like MetaRaw does ( The Plugin Site - MetaRaw )

clearview isn’t part of demosaic raw file, it can be apply on tiff and jpeg like in many other software, like Lr, ON1, Luminar etc…
DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD need a raw file, like mwsilvers said above.

so pureraw cannot be open from Ps? could this mean it need a raw file and not a copy image? i never used pureraw or even try it, i have no need as i have PL.

I see you referred to Clearview. The Clearview feature, unlike DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD, is not integrated into the raw demosaicing process and is available for use with non-raw files, even in PhotoLab.

You seem to be under the mistaken belief that because some features of PhotoLab can be integrated into the Nik Collection that all features have that potential. It appears that your confusion is that you don’t understand how DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD was developed and implemented in PhotoLab and PureRAW. Unlike almost all other feature in PhotoLab, DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD were specifically designed and implemented as part of the raw demosaicing process. They are only available when processing raw files.


So, to sum it up :).

Deepprime and deepprime-xd work only on files directly from the camera. Not on regular RGB data.

So it can never work as a plugin in photoshop . If they integrate it in dfine, it would only work when opening raw files in dfine standalone, not when using it as a plugin in photoshop .

Adobe can make 'camera filter ’ basically the same way : some things don’t work there (like the new ai adobe denoise btw :)) because they only work on files directly from the camera.

As a demo, when opening a tiff file in in Photolab, deepprime is unavailable .

How does Adobe PhotoShop Raw Files in photoshop?
Home people can assign different Color Profiles in photoshop and Affinity Photo.Apple has P3 profile ,Windows has Rgb.Cannon Raw files can be viewed on Google Drive.The DXO wide gamut can be put into a tiff.