Add "create DxO folder" option to exporting

It’s a minor item, but AFAIK only PureRAW has the option to create, then use a sub-folder called “DxO”. PL6 exporting only has “original folder” and “custom”, but not “create and use DxO sub-folder”.

The PL6 “Custom folder” option doesn’t start at the current folder containing the original image to be exported. Yes, there is value in having one folder for where images are coming from, and another for where finished exports should go. My goal is to keep exported images in the same (super-)folder, but separated into a suitably named sub-folder.

While we’re at it, might as include the option to enter a custom sub-folder name, too. Yes, in Windows, creates a new sub-folder in the current folder, and the name can be changed after “New Folder” is created…

You mean like this…

Yes, it does - see above. But you can also place it wherever you want.

I’d like to see the functionality of the browser file tree enhanced to work like other dams - where it can mirror some of the organisational functionality of Finder (I am on Mac). I can drag images around but that is about it; I cannot drag folders around or create new ones. I guess I could use Projects but would not add anything, for me anyway.

Not sure if Windows has this limitation.

It appears you’re working on a Mac. That option isn’t present under Windows.

Something like this (for example) works here on my Windows machine without problems. PhotoLab can create and use it.

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@Ralf_Brinkmann thank you for introducing the “…\xyz” syntax!

@RBEmerson just set 'Custom Folder and type the subfolder name, I have long since overwritten the defaults which probably were “DxO”, i.e.

and results in (as does using “\DxO-TIFF”)


Using “.\DxO-TIFF” gives the same as above

But using “…\DxO-TIFF” gives


Hovering over whatever I was hovering over gave

using …\ gave


So we have (from a previous test)


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