Add corrections for full manual lenses not identified in metadata

Would be great to be able to add lens corrections for older lenses that are not automatically identified. I have an old Nikon 50mm f/2 lens that has a design basically the same as the 50mm f/1.8. The f/1.8 correctly identifies, but the f/2 only gives me an option for a Zeiss lens. Would be great to be able to select from a lens in the database, especially when the lenses are identical in optical design.

Does PhotoLab 6 or any other DxO product offer a way to compensate (manually) for lenses that don’t yet have a pre-configured optical correction module?

More specifically, if a non supported lens has pin-cushion or barrel distortion, can this be corrected manually, and perhaps saved for future use?

If so, can those settings be saved for future use?


Yes, within limits and then only for fixed focal length lenses.

Only if you create a partial preset.

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Yes, As Joanna has answered, you can possibly take a photo of a printed grid pattern and use that as a reference to correct for any lens manually and save it as a preset. This is often a method that is used in video VFX world, where you might have a video footage shot with some lens, featuring distortion, and than you need to put in some visual effect in the scene, and make the distortion match. So what they would do, is have a printed grid pattern they shoot as clean reference plate. Than they would use that data to un-distort the lens and place some visual effect, than than at the end they would distort it back to original so that the newly placed VFX matches the distortion of the original lens. They do something similar with gran and re-grain and matching grain techniques. So yes, its possibly to do something similar with photos in DXO.

Basically this is the way DXO Team does it in the lab. Granted, fixing other problems that DXO does would be challenging to do manually. Things like lens sharpness etc. But simple pincushion or barrel distortion or vignette and chromatic aberration should be doable.

Why do you need a Lens Distortion Grid? VFX Onset Supervision :camera_flash: