Add 'Auto WB' to the RAW white balance setting dropdown

I’ve brought this up elsewhere on this forum. Entering it her as this seems to be a place to ask for features.
I only needed AutoWB in the last couple of weeks, so was unaware it was missing, and was a bit surprised it wasn’t there. I use it in ACR and FastRawViewer.

Wouldn’t that be “As shot” ?

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Camera Auto WB is reacting on the could be 18% grey i believe and changes if it noticed some kind of curcumstances it recognise, clouded, tunsten, bulb, LED, Sun things like that. and if you use in a application “as Shot” it readsout the WBsetting from the camera. and use that as WB So if you did go for tungsten and is it shot in bluesky afternoon it would be go wrong when PL is set as shot wb. (don’t know if it also take acount of the personal WB adjustment which you can in menu, but i hope/think so.)

The Auto WB PL is lacking is the eyedropper version( point a whitespot and adjust from that point but then as a WB-setting to use for multiple images. (how those Auto WB work in applications i don’t know for sure but i think it works of recoqnising green leaves, white clouds, sandcolor things like that.
So a overide of the autowb of the camera so to speak in post proces.

As a note: I believe white balance uses a 12% grey reference value and exposure uses 18% grey reference value.

Wouldn’t that be “As shot” ?

It would not if I didn’t shoot with ‘AutoWB’ set on the camera. I shoot RAW only, use UniWB to make the RGB histograms more closely approximate what’s in my RAW data. Usually I’m outside, so Daylight or Cloudy are appropriate choices.
This time I was indoors, but coming from ACR and Fast RawViewer (I can set AutoWB on both) I had no idea my tool (PL) was incapable. Otherwise, I’d have set AutoWB on the camera. AFAIK, AutoWB is just a setting in a container; it’s not ‘baked in’ the data (that’s the point of RAW).

More discussion on this here;

Um… yes. A thread I started. If you look at my first post in this thread, I posted here to request the functionality.