Add a shadow option on the text of the watermark


Would it be possible to add a shadow option on the text of the watermark?
This would allow better visibility whatever the clear or dark background of the image.
With shadows

Without shadows

Excellent idea Frank. Then I wouldn’t have to save both a light and dark version. Voted.

You have my vote!

pleasant improvement, I appreciate! :+1:

Shadows are great, but I find for a watermark a translucent background can be more effective in such situations. It’s essentially a larger form of shadow.

Voted anyway, as more options for watermarks would be welcome.

I’ve solved multiple watermark problems by switching to a pure graphic one. It contains only text, but I have full control over that text. I have black and white variations (and lots of different years shown) and I have included a subtle shadow (of the opposite colour). I also built my own padding in (it’s a PNG so transparent around the edges) so I can flip it between corners without having to re-enter padding values.

Yes, you cannot possibly use an automatic watermark feature if a drop shadow is not possible.

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