Add a new option 'last modified' in 'Sort by' filter

Am I missing a way to do this? I screwed up one day, had all of my images selected, and set a rating, so I had no way to figure out which photos were edited already. I couldn’t figure out a way to see what images were already modified…

Any help on this?

  • Jon

It’s happened to all of us :frowning:
In your case (rating) there is no solution.
Sometimes (corrections), click as soon as possible Ctrl+ Z.


Thanks for the response, Pascal… Ok, so there’s no way to sort by last modified…? Feature request? Seems like it might be a semi-easy one to implement? (easy for ME to say…!)

  • Jon


  • Yep, it can be a feature request about adding additional sort option. I can transform your post to a request if you wish.

Svetlana G.

Sure. Thanks, Svetlana!

  • Jon

Done! You can vote now :slight_smile:


Thanks Jon, this was a normal Feature back in the OP years, around 2010 I guess, later it vanished. Was very helpful, anything like “develop pics which have been touched…” After a technology change it did not work anymore, .NET I guess. Sad. I voted, would be another handling killer feature! Cross fingers.