Adapted lenses

Is there any mean to get PL5 to bring corrections to an adapted lens ? Panasonic g9 and nikon FX lenses here, dumb adapter.
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I think that doesn’t make sense because the number of possibilities and thus the number of options to be made available becomes too large.

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@JeanMontambeault, the only way I know of and have tried successfully occasionally is to edit image metadata in a way to make PhotoLab believe it’s looking at an image shot with something else.

While this hack is technically possible, it’s probably not worth the effort if you shoot your images on a micro 4/3 camera and a full frame capable lens. This combination already uses the “sweet spot” of the lens and corrections would therefore probably be minor anyway.

Plus, if you deepfake metadata that way they become obsolete in terms of correct information, for statistical apps and at the risk of damaging somethibg else-

I also agree, that FF lenses on µ4/3 are pointless to be corrected . But why not, ask Olympus or Panasonic @JeanMontambeault if they can open their protocol so that you can use in camera corrections… :grin:

Thank you for the helpful comment, Guenter. :slight_smile:

I use PL right after culling out my photos, especially for its corrections, which include putting back at the right size elements that are near the edges in UWA shots.

I just watched Geometric Lens Distortion in Photography, and I can imagine how much work it takes to characterize a lens while being so thorough. I had an idea of what it took, having created profiles with PTlens. Yet, 100 images at every distance, for primes up to 500 for some zooms, is much more than I ever used.

This being said, those modules already exist, and the cameras are already known to DxO. Isn’t combining already existing lens modules to bodies feasible ? There is the matter of the sensor size but conforming to that should be quite trivial.

I’ll experiment and see what can be done. It may not be within PL5 though.
Thanks again. :smiley:

Thanks Platypus, you give sound advice, as usual.

I’ll try exif tagger, for a change.
You could be right that using the centre of the image circle is enough, though I just experimented with uninstalling some modules then reinstalling them. For some of my lenses, the change is dramatic ; the wider the AOV, the bigger the effect even far from the edges. What’s worse is that I am getting a tilt shift adapter ; shifting, either to straighten the keystone effect or to build shots for a panorama, means getting close to the edges of the frame.