Adapt UI to retina displays

Retina displays nowadays are not so uncommon (mine is 8 years old). Yet one of the strongest features of DxO Photolab – I mean the Prime and DeepPrime noise reduction technologies – are nearly unusable on retina displays because the preview area in retina resolution makes it very difficult to make judgements about noise. My workflow includes to either switch to a low-resolution display for this single operation or do multiple exports and compare results in Photoshop. This is time consuming and very inconvenient, to say the least.

I suggest the following improvements:

  1. Allow the user to optionally overlay the preview area on the main Window if its zoom level is 100% or higher. Having an overlay checkbox would benefit all users (not only those of retina displays) because this would also allow to quickly toggle between original and noise-reduced image in the selected area.

  2. As a convenience, add a prefence option to show the preview area at 200% (or at a user configurable zoom level, probably chosen between 200%, 300% (if appropriate), 400%). Obviously this way the preview area will have at least 4 times less pixels so this should even speed up its update.

  3. As a conveniencs, add a preference option to link 1:1 button in the top toolbar to 200% (or user configurable zoom level) instead of 100%, or add a new zooming button for this purpose.


I think in general DeepPRIME previewing needs a big upgrade. There is another feature request elsewhere.

Basically if you ask me anytime you’re viewing at 100% or higher the whole display should get DeepPRIME processing after the initial display is created. With perhaps a checkbox to enable the DeepPRIME preview.