Activtion issue with FP6 (stand-alone vs. PL5)

I just upgraded PL4 to PL5 and additionally bought FP6 for Mac. I activated FP6 in the stand alone app and it shows that’s activated. When I now open PL5, it’s shown as DEMO. I then tried to activate again within PL5. This wasn’t possible - the code could be entered but when I tried to activate, it replied that it’s already activated…
I uninstalled FP6 and installed again - no change. It is activated in FP6 but DEMO in PL5.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance.

You also need to activate FP from inside PL.

Capture d’écran 2021-11-24 à 11.40.20

That’s what I tried. When I want to activate within PL5, it says that FP6 is already activated and I only can stop the activation. FP6 then still shows as DEMO within PL5.

I tried now to reinstall PL5… Maybe it helps to reinstall when FP6 (and VP3) are installed and activated.

Unfortunately no change: installing PL5 new when FP6 and VP3 are installed and activated didn’t change the situation: VP3 (that I used before with PL4) is activated, FP6 (bought new) still is listed as DEMO although it is activated in the stand-alone app. Activation within PL5 doesn’t work…

Just updated to PL5.0.2 bit still my FP6 is shown as a DEMO… so no change with the PL update