Activation issue

I just installed a new Mac Mini after my iMac bit the dust. Now when I try to activate PR4 I get a maximum activations message. I can’t find how to do it on the web page. Any ideas?


PureRAW 4 only entitles you to two activations. Have you already activated it on two machines? There is nothing you can do to fix this yourself other than by uninstalling one of the activated versions and trying again to activate on a new machine. If you still can’t activate it you will have to submit a support request to DxO explaining the situation. I have attached a link to DxO’s support site.


Thanks Mark. I managed to get my old iMac going and deleted PR4 but it still wont let me register on the new machine. I have raised a service request.

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I have the same problem.

You need to contact DxO, use the link in Mark’s post.

You can contact DxO to have your activation reset.
But make sure you have uninstalled the old version, or the old version installed won’t be opened otherwise you might just reactivate it right away.