ACR super resolution DNG is not recognized correctly

When I open in DXO PL a DNG with double resolution enhanced in ACR, it is recognized it only in its original resolution even the file size is 4x.

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Could you, please provide us with your sample? Please, upload it via with your forum name in ‘support ticket number’ field and let me know when ready.

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Svetlana G.


I uploaded a 357864 MB file.

It was taken with a Olympus E-M1X as ORF (RAW) and enhanced in ACR.

Original resolution was 5184x3888 and should now be double in both axis, but DXO sees only the original resolution and also export the original resolution.

Thank you @Hessu , I’ve received your files and will send them for the investigation.

Svetlana G.

Dear @Hessu,

Here is your image displayed with ExifTool and PL and the width and height values are equal:

Moreover, it’s the same with Adobe LR:

So there is no problem on our side.

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Svetlana G.

And here the current resolution info:

Here are the exif infos from LR:

There are the original file dimensions before superresolution and the current resolution. Perhaps DXO reads the wrong ones.

Hi. Long story short, PhotoLab is not fully compatible with Adobe super resolution DNG files.

In fact DNG file resulting from Adobe super resolution feature embeds both original RAW file (here the original RAW picture with resolution 5184x3888) as the main image, and additionnaly as a second picture the super resolution output (the linearRaw picture with twice the resolution in each direction). As main picture in the file is the usual original RAW file, that’s the one that PhotoLab uses, but doing so it just ignores super resolution results. Supporting super resolution output in PhotoLab would require some work as a lot of our calibrated features rely on RAW information, and these information are not relevant anymore when applied on output of Adobe super resolution which changes many image properties. To benefit from both Photolab and super resolution, possibly a better way would be to apply Photolab first on original RAW (outputing the picture in DNG format if you want to preserve full information), and then using Adobe super resolution on this output. But then it might be Adobe’s super resolution feature that could be disturbed by PhotoLab processing applyied first :wink: , don’t know but it’s worth trying.


No worries, treating an image in DPL first does not seem to bother Photoshop at all. Photoshop also notices that the image has already been treated and therefore disables optical corrections:

Camera: EOS 5D (12 Mpixel) with EF 50 mm f/1.2 lens shot wide open. Output files as seen at 400% in comparison view in Lightroom:

DPL recognises the high res files when stored as tiff.