Accessing Time Machine in Film Pack 6

I’ve installed trial version of FP5 and FP6, both show as in Trial Mode on splash screen.

Select an image in Customise mode, Film Pack appears in Palettes in right hand column but failing to find any way to access Film Types or Time Machine.

Likely missing something obvious but not seeing it!

Time Machine comes as presets…and can be found in the “presets” tool, which is usually located in the left sidebar in customise view and can be accessed through the Presets button or menu entries too.

That’s part of Time Machine. The main part with the stories and timeline is found within the Color Rendering set of adjustments, if I remember right.

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I believe that the embedded FP 6 Time Machine feature will be updated in the near future to select the matching presets directly from it. Until that happens, it is not a user-friendly feature.


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Good morning @mandarin ,

The Time machine you can find in Color block → Color Rendering palette:

And presets are in the Preset Editor and Apply Preset window (+ context menu):

Svetlana G.