Accessing the plug-ins from host applications

Maybe check the Nik version. Mine is

Yes, I have the same.

To double check, I’ve deinstall Nik, then reinstall in another folder for Affinity plugins, redo Affinity Nik plugins installation, and it’s the same problem.

Affinity version is 1.6.7.

As there is request for Affinity Photo compatibility, I guess this means it’s not yet completely done, so explain why some plugins does not work well in all situations.

I’ve change the Nik version to the free version and my Affinity is also 1.6.7. No problems. So maybe the compatibility is not perfect. maybe we should write to Affinity also. I will add this on their forum.

Serif is aware of the compatibility problems. There is a thread running here:

Taken from the Afinity thread:

"Most DxO Nik Collection plugins don’t run on the Mac (Analog Efex Pro 2, Colour Efex Pro 4 , Silver Efex Pro 2, HDR Efex Pro 2). They get stuck at some point. It’s better keep using the (free) Google version for now.

All DxO Nik Collection plugins run on Affinity Photo for Windows, however there may be a few pontual issues due to plugins implementation/support differences between Affinity Photo and Photoshop. I still have to check each one individually so it’s better to install the trial and see if they do everything you are expecting."

Only the urgency to resolve something is missing.

I hope they solve this problem. I once was a Nik user, but did not use it anymore. Just installed it out of curiosity.

Hi. New DxO Photolab user here coming from Capture NX2. Can the Nik plug-ins be accessed directly from DxO Photolab 2? If not, are there plans for this integration?

According to their press release you can from PL2

Select a file and click “Export to Application”, there select a NIK tool from disk and it should be opened with the generated output. There is no NIK on raw, without export yet. So NIK is always at he end of the processing currently.

OK, thanks. When I select export to application the only listed application is Capture NX2.

Did I install my Nik collection incorrectly?

There should be a button to lookup the NIK executables manually one by one on disk. Once they are selected a number of them is then stored inside the list until it overflows. To improve the whole thing is a known topic for DxO: NIK Integration

Got it. Thanks very much.

I am using this approach to make my C#-application extensible for other developers mybkexperience.

It works just fine but only in “one direction” which means that the developer who writes a new plugin can define methods and variables within the plugin and those will be imported to my application.

So my question is now: How can i access already existing data from my main application. A variable string test within the plugin?

Photoshop also offers a separate window for easy access to the plug-ins. This is called the Selective Tool, and it automatically opens when Photoshop opens. If you would like to change this setting so that it does not automatically open, click on the Settings button in the lower left corner of the window.

Trouble is that this setting is never preserved when a NIK upgrade is applied.

How can I access the plug-ins from Affinity photo ?
(I have Licenses for Affinity Photo and DXO Photolab 2, Windows 10 )

Hope the video helps

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Should have posted elsewhere.

Very strange. I have the latest version of Affinity Photo and NIK and they work fine together.

What versions of Affinity and NIK do you have?

Will post elsewhere.

I am running Photoshop 2020 on Mac OS X 10.14. I was running Nik filters for years and bought an upgrade.
IT DOES NOT WORK. I apply any filter and it does not apply.

I have sent many support requests and heard nothing.