Access to Nik collection? Webpage seems nonfunctional

I have the Nik collection. Installed the Photoshop plugins, Now I want the Lightroom ones as they’re EXEs so I might be able to use them with PhotoLab. I went to the webpage put my email address in and see that I might get an email with a download link. I haven’t seen an email. Here’s the thing: I did the same thing a week or ten days ago and still don’t see an email.
I’m wondering if that webpage is functional. Any idea…?


Did you have a look at your spam folder ?

I have anything from dxo specifically marked as “not-spam”.

The Nik collection came up over at DPR, and there were at least a couple of complaints that the submit button “does nothing”

It’s still available as a direct download from Google (direct download link, right-click and ‘save as’) and archive’org’s ‘wayback machine’.
To be clear, I very much approve of DxO collecting email addressed of folks who download it. I’d guess this is to market to them once the Nik collection features they love are incorporated into PL.
But it has to actually work for the downloader Otherwise any eventual marketing is going to fall flat.

While I’m on the subject, we also need something like the Nik collection help pages. Google still has them up at
Again, better to get the the DxO name in front of people (and maybe add links to the PL page?).

I concur, I bought the collection a few years back and tried the link on DXO using Firefox. I entered email, clicked submit and then nothing.

And DxO paid Google how much for the Nik collection? Not using it to get PhotoLab in front of more potential users/buyers seems a poor use of that money.

Yes, DxO now owns the technology and can port some/all of it into PhotoLab. Maybe that was the point of buying it and not a marketing opportunity (?)

I was able to download the nic collection .exe file from but was worried that it may have be contaminated. Anyone using this download…

for those of you looking for the mac version like i was, copy the above url but switch exe with dmg and it should download the mac OS X version