Access to hidden pixels

with every photo the RAW file is slightly cropped, some more than the others, but the whole sensor readout, all the pixels, are still written in the file, hidden.
With DNG we have Default Crop Size (for example Pentax K3iii its 6192x4128 pixels), Active Area (for K3iii 6250x4194 pixels) and whole sensor read (for K3iii 6304x4224 pixels).
Some software, like Silkypix or Lightroom with Recover Edges plugin, can access and work with these hidden pixels. Photolab does not.
I’d like to suggest adding a function in the crop menu to access these hidden pixels in DxO Photolab, Active Area or something close to it prefferebly.


Are you selecting “Unconstrained” for the crop setting in PhotoLab? This should give you all the usable pixels in a RAW file. Please note that if distortion correction, perspective and horizon correction, and volume deformation adjustments are enabled, that will also change what you see.

I’ve used SilkyPix. If I remember correctly, PhotoLab can display the same full sensor area as long as you take all of what I mentioned above into account. This is one of the reasons I started with DxO’s software and continue to prefer it over its competitors. Please let me know if I’m wrong, in which case I will gladly add my vote. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I believe he’s referring to the results after the distortion corrections are applied. If he wants to see the original raw file, perhaps he should deselect the Distortion feature although I’m not certain what the advantage would be.


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I’m afraid that’s not the case.
Just checked it and uncostrained crop without any corrections still gives only 6192 x 4128 pixel file where Silkypix can acccess (thru special function in crop settings) 6224 x 4150 pixels for DNG and 6250 x 4174 pixels for PEF files.
The borders are always cropped in RAW, for some cameras more than the others. You can easily check that the image is actually bigger thru RawDigger for example, just check “Masked Pixels” in preferences.