Access Images in iCloud Drive (Mac)

I have mentioned this in the forum before, but the Mac version of DxO PL7 still can’t see or access images in the iCloud Drive. Really a huge issue for me. I have a 2TB iCloud account and store all my “active” images in iCloud Drive so that they are accessible for my macStudio and MBP16. PL7 can’t see them at all. Apple has an interface that can be used - and other editing apps use it - and can access these images. For example, Topaz Photo AI has no trouble at all. This limitation has existed for years - and Mac apps need to be able to handle this. Big reason I’m moving to Topaz.

Depending on how you set iCloud preferences, macOS replicates files saved in iCloud to Library/Mobile Documents/. PhotoLab can then access files there and macOS will replicate changes back to iCloud.

Access to images in iCloud is best done by dragging the respective folder to the Finder sidebar, e.g.

Library>Mobile Documents>Pictures>iCloud_Photo_Archive

If you want to access from the list of folders in PhotoLab’s sidebar without first adding a link to the Finder sidebar, the path gets just a little bit bit longer, e.g.

Home>Library>Mobile Documents>iCloud Drive>Pictures>iCloudPhotoArchive

@HamsterDR , don’t forget to add your vote and - if you’d like a different approach - details about how you expect it to work.