Absolute Keyboard Shortcuts

Today, we have shortcuts like W, G, I and others.

Pressing a letter key is non-functional if the focus is on a setting. Please make Shortcuts absolute. You may need/use one modifier Key to make it happen (or the keys would be unusable for text entries)

This request is for Mac.
Maybe do like Windows OS by combining with Control?


Well, the usual key in Windows is Ctrl, om Mac it is the Cmd key…


This is a good thing, but I have not much votes left.

Normally there is a thing called event propagation. Starting from the focused item the keyboard shortkey travels up the visual tree of the application until a container is found, that has a command assosiated with the shortkey. If no local container handles the shortkey, it arrives at the top window, where all global commands are handled. So the trick is to handle global command at the top level and ensure, that no local container consumes the shortkey event on the way to the top.

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