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@HGF 3 time redraw? Now i am gettjng curious what you wrote… :sweat_smile:

Coffee anyone?

I asked @HGF to start a separate subject, rather than extending what was only intended as an “about this forum” message.

The idea behind this forum is that we can chat about all sorts but, to avoid massively long “off-topic” threads where nothing can be found, that we title each thread so that others can find them easier and join in without keeping changing the subject part way through a conversation.


What can be working is one main backbone thread where everyone is mainly write about anythingvand if a subject is become a topic create a new thread and place a link in the backbone thread .

So every one who’s interrested can participate there wile the people who want’s to ignore move on to the next mind fart which is placed in the never ending backbone thread.
This keeps subject search a bit less time consuming.

So when something is starting to grow in a “discussion” create a link which point’s to a nice seperated to that topic dedicated thread.

This started with the request for a “DxO Cafe” concept, with people at the Cafe chatting about whatever they wished, and a place for anyone and everyone to share their images that had been processed in PhotoLab.

There are wonderful technical posts in the previous forums, which in some cases were buried by the many hundreds or thousands of posts that preceded and followed them.

As so many people commented, overly-long threads are not very useful.

In this new forum, anyone wishing to post an image they had processed, could do so in a new thread. Replies to that image would go in that thread. The next person wanting to post an image would do so in a new thread. The different images and threads would not be jumbled together into one spot.

People in this new forum can continue existing discussions, or start a new discussion. If someone wants to discuss a part of DxO PhotLab (or other DxO products), rather than add this to an existing thread, they can start a new thread.

I would be thrilled if @Joanna could take some of her priceless training posts, and create new threads for each of them, with the idea that the thread would remain on-topic - different parts of any of the DxO software would be in their own topic. I think those posts are invaluable, with the illustrations, graphs, charts, and detailed explanations.

I suspect that most of the threads in this area might pertain to Photography, DxO products, cameras, tools, technology and so on. A year from now, interested people can hopefully find those topics they are interested in, and catch up - and maybe add to them.

This is my impression of what @Fabrice-B and DxO are creating. I think it’s wonderful.