About the Database reindexation

We saw that reindex the folders take in account the files movements on the HDD.
Does that action “cleans” the database from all informations about missing datas ?


Oh lieve Peter
It’s only a question for DxO Staff :slight_smile:

There is no question to see moved files again and makes a new entry or anything else.
When you delete or move files with OS tools, their (corrections) metadatas are alway in the database (that was for Optics pro).

Is the reindex command clean only the EXIF content or more things are currently done in the database ?
I’m asking this about the database crashes.


ah ok, sorry.
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Oh no.
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Hello @Pieloe.

To answer your question, here is the PL strategy for images discovery:

When you index a folder, it’s exactly like when you browse this folder and all the subfolders manually.

  • When PL finds an image that was not in the DB, it creates exif/xmp metadata in the database
  • When PL finds an image that was already in the DB at this location, it updates exif/xmp metadata in the database (if required).
  • When PL is expecting an image in a specific location but this image is not here anymore (moved in another folder or deleted using OS tools), PL removes the exif/xmp/correction settings metadata from the database (except if the image was also in a project).

It’s one of the benefit of the sidecars here. Even if you move images using OS tools, we’re still able to reimport the images with associated settings when you browse again your images in the new location.

So YES, most of the time, PL cleans all information about missing images from the database.


Merci beaucoup Grégoire
for this very clear answer.