About old versions and old license

I bought the old Nik Collection 2013.
It cost $149 at that time.
Latest version I have V4.3.24.12 (v1.2.11)

Now that I took down the 30 day trial version, it’s V5.0.0.0 (v1.2.14)
Buying to day costs $49 ($69]

Too bad to pay license again, but it’s almost the same price with today’s exchange rate.

Personally,I think the price is quite fair, assuming all the holdover bugs from the Google and Nik eras have been fixed.

So if Microsoft charged you $50 for bug fixes to Microsoft Office or Windows with no new feature you’d be fine with that?

I have not written that I do not intend to buy.
I’ll buy now after testing. :grin:
But strange that advertising says $ 49.99 but when I buy, I’ll pay in € 49.99? :thinking: