About GPU acceleration

I’m running PhotoLab 2 Elite v2.2.2 build 23730 under Windows 10 64 bits 1809.

My processor is an Intel Core i5-8400 2800 MHz, with 16 Go DDR4 3200 MHz.

My GPU is Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6G (rev. 2.0).

Unfortunately, when I attempt to activate the OpenCL checkbox in the “Performances” tab, I get this warning : *“Your graphic card seems to be slower than your CPU. Enabling OpenCL may decrease perforlance.”

And then I’m prevented from activating the OpenCL checkbox, and so RAW processing performance remains of course very poor.

Is this situation normal? Do I need to get a better graphics card ?

Thanks a lot for any answer to this post.

You have a pretty fast GPU: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce+RTX+2060&id=4037

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There is no comparison between an RTX260 and integrated 630 GPU on the i5-8400

I suspect this warning is incorrect. What display driver are you running? 417.11 (Gigabytes version or Nvidia’s)

Since you are running 8th gen CPU, what chipset z370? (I’m just curious)

If it were me, I’d do my own testing.

10 identical RAW photos, convert and save. Time and see which setting performs better.

The RTX card will win unless crippled because of drivers.



I would do the same in your place - 10 identical RAW images processing with and without GPU activated. And I’d be glad to know about your results.

Svetlana G.

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I’m running Nvidia driver (05/22/19).

Motherboard chipset is Intel Z390.

Unfortunately, in the tab Edit/Preferences/Performance, the check box “Enable OpenCL (requires restart)” is grayed out, so I can’t activate it.

So I’m unable to compare RAW processing time with and without GPU activated.


Michel G.

PS The Nvidia driver package I downloaded and installed is the 430.86 version (05/27/19).

Uninstall the 430 driver (completely)

Restart and try Gigabytes 417 driver.

Restarting after install, and before opening PL to see if the behavior follows.

Also might be related to settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, but I’d start with a different drivers package first.


Thanks a lot for your post.

It works perfectly now :slight_smile: .

Michel G.


Thanks. Glad I could help.

Do you mind posting the results of the performance differences?

Mic Jacq,
If you do perform this test, make sure you restart the PC between changing the Open CL setting and performing the tests.


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Hi Svetlana,

since today I have an iMac with 580X GPU and wanted to try this. Unfortunately in PhotoLab (PL1) I don’t see a checkbox for GPU acceleration as described in the online help. Is this only available in PhotoLab 2? I still have PL1.

I believe the mac version permanently has GPU acceleration on as video cards on mac are more controlled.

Then the documentation is wrong: https://help-photolab.dxo.com/en/menus-and-preferences-os-x#

I see neither
GPU acceleration
Disable noise reduction preview at zoom levels lower than 75%

Sadly, it’s the other way around. The Mac versions permanently don’t have much GPU optimisation. Yet the cries go up for more and more new features while performance is already broken.


I’m sure you mean Apple is broken. :grinning:

The Open CL and Disable noise reduction preview at zoom levels lower than 75% was present in PL1 for both windows and OSX according to v1 documentation, however, Alec makes a good point. Your hardware (and/or) in conjunction with the OS version and video driver version (if more than one is even available) might not support acceleration. Including being able to enable or disable it. Note I said might, as I have no way of confirming.

But this is the v1 manual anyway

No idea about Mac actually. Let me ask @akarlovsky to reply.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Not long ago, I have asked DxO guys about GPU processing and optimisation in general. I wanted to build a dedicated machine just for image processing.

I was told that there is no GPU processing for images and it is used only for previews. There is no optimisation for any CPU, just general SSE4 for example.

DxO struggles with SMP as well - I have old workstation with 2x CPU Xeon with four cores. It is slower than my Apple MBP 2016 with i7 4 cores 2.9GHz because DxO struggles with more CPU.

It can pretty much hog any single CPU with many threads. It rarely matters whether you use 1 image parallel or 4 parallel on 4 physical cores CPU (at least on Mac OS X). It either uses 1CPU with many threads and makes all quicker or it shares resources across the cores and you get slower results.

It would be interesting to get GPU because Apple finally uses eGPU.

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Build 2.3.1

  • all sliders in action
  • prime
  • convert to full jpg sRGB

i9 9900k 5.0/4.6
32GB 4000/17
m.2 NVMe

16x CR3 from Canon EOS R
2 pics simultaneously = 350 sec.
4 pics simultaneously = 299 sec.
4 pics sim + OpenCL = 293 sec.

It doesn’t look like the GPU is increasing utilization but a few seconds took off.

ps. any other combination of parallelization like 1x, 8x, 16x gave worst effect.


See here: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce+RTX+2060&id=4037