About FilmPack 6

Do you plan something for FilmPack 6 ?
I have not any request but some ask me on the social media.
Like every new Nik upgrade the DxO bashing runs hard … :frowning:


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It is the consequence of Google making the software free and DxO (understandably) charging for it. I guess part of the complains that relate to “it used to be free” will never recede. Yes, it used to be free, but it also wasn’t developed.

One recommendation I have for @sgospodarenko and the team is to offer a grace mode of at least 30-days and maybe 60-days.

Offering a free upgrade of only 10-days seem to be very customer unfriendly from my point of view. 30-days seems to be the industry standard.

I know it will cost more money but people who are hit by this will likely walk away and never return, resulting in DxO losing money at the end and damaging their reputation. Yes, some people will also complain with 30-day grace period but at least that is the more or less universal grace period in the software industry.


Is a new version of Filmpack planned ?


My best guess is that they don’t sell enough licenses for FilmPack at this time to make the upgrade effort cost effective. That may be at least partially a result of the Nik Collection popularity. I own licenses to FilmPack 5 Elite and the Nik Collection 3. However, some posters here have suggested that the Nik Collection meets their requirements better than FilmPack. Additionally, many posters don’t seem to know that FilmPack contains a number of important features besides film emulations. While a significant upgrade to FilmPack would be nice, I’m not holding my breath.


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Yes; a key one being the extended features it adds to PL’s Contrast tool:
**image **

John M


Hi there,

As usual, I can’t comment about future products and/or upcoming features, but I wanted to let you know that even if FP evolves at a slower pace compared to other applications in our product line, it’s definitely not EOL.




I also think that the product is well matured.
This is a question I am asked :wink:
Many users confuse FP with Nik.



It would be great to also have a feature wish list for film pack, with voting options.

So far most features relate to film types. It would be also great to have printing types.

Example: noble printing processes from the past. Heliogravure or the Fresson Print emulations.

I am a big fan of Filmpack 5 Elite, but I would love to see an upgrade. I would suggest a complete revamping of the package. We could IMO lose the Light Leaks and Textures and Grain which are so 2005-ish. I would like to see some of the film emulations reworked. The Kodachrome emulations are particularly bad IMO. They don’t look anything like my dad’s Kodachromes from my childhood in the 1960s. Where are the deep blue almost purple skies and the dazzling reds, greens and oranges that should be a part of these emulations? Garish by today’s standards but should be there for accuracy’s sake. Don’t get me wrong I think some of the emulations are fantastic. IMO most of the B&W emulations are spot-on. I would like to see the addition of an accurate emulation of Kodak’s VPS Professional. This film IMO had the best skin tones of any color negative film and was used predominantly by most wedding and portrait photographers.


I purchased Filmpack 5 Elite about 3 weeks ago…
I only just noticed this in Photolab last night …( no really!! ) …thought I was seeing things and started checking Photolab version numbers s to see if a covert upgrade had sneaked through… so good to see your post John.
Loving Filmpack too… Great addition to my choices.


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I would like very interested by a new version of FP. I hope that DXO developp it in backstage.
Best regards

I’m a big fan of Filmpack 5 too :slightly_smiling_face: Mostly I’m using it to process B&W conversion. There are as well incredible B&W conversion results from Nik tool, but I want to work directly (without export) with RAW.

So, I would like to see updated version. Best will be merging Filmpack 6 with Nik Silver Efex algorithms! :+1: