Ability to drag the Equalizer out of the way

I posted this in error to the feedback section.

While working with the brush in Local Adjustments, the Equalizer is often over the area to be worked upon. Is it possible to provide the capability to drag it out of the way>

Yes indeed. it seems that with a togglekey you can hide/show the equalizer, (still in learningfase in this localtoolset) but a floating equalizer which you can place elsewhere is much less distracting in the working area.
Or if this is to difficult maybe a automated hide/show triggered by the pointer: hide if pointer is out of the working area, show if pointer is in/on the working area.

You can press the E-key to hide/unhide the Equaliser tool.


I ran into this myself last weekend. “E” key.

Marvelous… thanks guys!

I am aware of the E key. But, what do you do if the area to be adjusted is beneath the Equalizer? I can’t hide it and use it at the same time.

Illustrated answer
See the end of the sequence

All the story (in french)


I’d like to thank Pieloe for the animations and the link. Unfortunately, I don’t understand French and Google Translator does a poor job with technical explanations.

However, I figured out how to have the Equalizer visible, but out of the way of the area to be adjusted.

Activate the Radial tool and select a tool. Left click an unobtrusive region of the photo where you want the Equalizer to appear, then click the area you want edited. Both areas will be linked, so adjusting the Equalizer will change both areas. Alt-click for the Eraser tool and erase the area
you did not want edited near the Equalizer.

I would still prefer to simply drag the equalizer out of the way.


Thank you Jamhen2.
Of course drag the equalizer would be better :wink:

In a backlog.

Svetlana G.