Ability to cycle thru masks

When I zoom in to do do fine additions or erasures to a mask’s region, the mask’s control menu (for activating the specific mask) is not necessarily visible and I have to zoom back out to find it to enable, and then zoom back to where I was.

If there were a keyboard shortcut (or other way) to cycle through enabling each mask one after the other, I wouldn’t have to move away from where I’m looking only to have to find that same place/zoom area again.

Additionally, when several masks are used (and even when their selectors might all be visible at the present zoom level), seems it would be helpful to be able to systematically cycle through each one. Stepping through each would essentially assure you’re reviewing all of them even if some are clustered close together making it harder to remember which have already been examined (or when masks are accidentally right on top of one another).

I would vote for this excellent suggestion - - if I had a free vote to use.

Regards, John M


Hello @BBT,

You created a request but could you, please, vote for it as well if you have votes?

Thank you,

Svetlana G.