Ability to add your own dcp profile for jpg format

Sometimes it is necessary to set or change the default camera profile set during shooting in the camera. For example: instead of the “standard” profile, set “natural” or “portrait” or add your own personal, made by yourself, profile. What is important for more flexible and correct output of photos in jpg format.

Should this be within the scope of PureRAW? It seems to me that this is more of a job for PhotoLab (a more comprehensive and configurable RAW developer which already has this capability) or a second-stage editor used after PureRAW.

Pure RAW outputs the image not only in DNG for further processing in editors, but also in jpg format using the built-in profile, which is directly in the raw file. Sometimes the camera profile may not be liked by the photographer (for example, I do not like how the sky color is rendered in the “standard” profile and I have an adjusted profile for a more accurate color rendering of the sky in my opinion, which I would like to apply for batch processing in jpg format.) If the program has a function for outputting images in jpg format, then the user does not have any tools for minor adjustments at all. This I say to the fact that the output of the image in jpg format still needs some small changes. For example: auto exposure correction (there are complaints about a darker image in jpg format after processing, as opposed to jpg of the camera itself), changing the file name for the convenience of the user, adjusting the sharpness (there are photographers who do not like oversharing), and so on. These functions that users desire can be implemented or, vice versa, ignored by the software manufacturer. Everything is at the discretion of the developer! From my side, these are just wishes. I am very pleased with this program, as it greatly facilitated my work and improved the result!